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Teaching the How of Happiness!

It’s time to unpack: we all have past traumas, habitual patterns that we want to break out of, beliefs that no longer serve us, self-esteem issues, and confusing times in our lives that need compassionate guidance.

Diana V is a Millennial, Immigrant, Speaker and Life Coach who works with people all over the world looking to better themselves through guidance. She knows that just “talking” won’t get you out of the rut, so that’s why she uses strategic goal planning while at the same time getting to the bottom of why you feel what you feel and do what you do. Becoming the new and true you will take you on a path of resilience. Diana will teach you skill to make the journey easier and faster to your fulfilling life. (Read more about Diana V)

What I help people realize is that there is comfort in accepting temporary discomfort. It’s when they accept this fact that they can grow to a new and better version of themselves.
— Diana V



The philosophy for Diana V’s coaching involves developing the confidence to break through limitations and emotional strain that keeps you anchored to the past and prevent you from moving forward in every aspect of your life. The main focus is placed on current issues and blocks that are later broken down by examining beliefs, values, and behaviors critically and rationally. This coaching environment is outcome oriented providing building blocks and strategies to create the life that you always wanted.

  • Diana V coaching is for you if you feel you need help with:

  • Feeling lost and confused

  • Deal with negative beliefs that are affecting areas of your life

  • Coping with pressure and stress

  • Developing and maintaining goals

  • Maintaining motivation and analyzing performance while staying focused

  • Procrastination

  • Changing careers

  • Relationship issues or leaving a relationship (divorce)

  • Looking at past traumas and working through them

  • Breaking through barriers to success

  • Figuring out your calling in life


Diana V has coached hundreds of people from all walks of life. The steps to engage her coaching are simple.

Book a consultation.

To see if Diana V is the coach for you, book a 30 min consultation at no cost. This session will be used to discuss issues and topics that need to be resolved, talk through a proposed plan of success and then decide to move toward weekly coaching. This FREE session is a no-obligation consultation, and you can book by clicking the BOOK MY CONSULTATION button below.

Diana, you have changed my life. I was so scared to work with a coach, but your story alone inspired me to drop excuses and find a new life. I am finally happy for the first time! Thank you!
— Susan K., Denver, CO

Pay the Coaching Fee

The fee is $120 US per one-hour session. These are on-demand sessions, and each payment is made when you schedule your appointment.

If you prefer to pay for multiple sessions in advance, please reach out to Diana directly.

The Coaching Sessions

Each coaching session is one hour (unless previously discussed). The session is a chance for you to receive advice targeted to your specific challenges, goals, and issues. These are your sessions, so feel free to discuss with Diana exactly what you are trying to achieve.

You can expect to have “homework” or short assignments that you have to do between sessions to fast-track your success.

The bottom line is that each session will help you grow, change and improve!

Is This Therapy?

No. Diana is not a therapist and does not coach like a therapist. These are targeted life coaching sessions to solve issues, resolve past challenges, overcome blocks in your life and to find a new level of fulfillment. Therapy sessions are designed to have you “talk it out” in a seemingly never-ending stream of conversation. Diana V coaching is designed to get to work, and she creates an environment where real change can happen in your life.

What’s Next

Click a button below to either schedule your 30 min consultation or book your first paid coaching session.


Keynote Speaker

Diana is a powerful keynote speaker who uses thoughtful stories of her past to help guide companies as they overcome obstacles and work to transform their team using personal ownership. Below are Diana’s two most requested presentations. Remember, each presentation is completely customized to fit your needs.


Who Must You Become to Overcome Obstacles - 45min (optional 1 hour additional workshop)

If you look closely, there is one theme that runs through your life: who must you become to succeed or overcome challenges, setbacks, frustrations and your forward movement?

As long as we have been alive, humans have faced difficult circumstances, hard decisions, difficult people, and made choices that have gotten us to where we are today. You may not realize it, but every time you have decided to move forward in your own work you had to gain the needed skills, attitude, or strength to deal with the new direction in life. You had to become more. But we often forget how to modify ourselves in this never ending world of challenges and challenging situations. When you mix this with tight deadlines, stress and frustration can occur.

Through captivating storytelling, Diana embeds lessons and examples of how to go through life and business with a new set of deliberate skills for adapting and changing. You will learn how to become who you need to in those moments of difficulty so you can thrive, regardless of life's setbacks.

I'm here. Now what? - When women fail to arrive after they've made it. - 45min

When women work hard to achieve but never ask why along the journey, they are met with unhappiness when they finally arrive at the "success" they were told to achieve. Women, are bombarded with achievement thinking, goal setting, and are told that they must strive for certain things. From love, to career, perhaps kids, or no kids, society is constantly giving women advice about how they should behave, learn, and work. But it's funny how society never asks, "What do women actually want?" For that matter, women never learn to ask themselves this same question.

Women today, regardless of age, often work tirelessly to arrive at the destination of their next achievement, primarily based on the influence of others, only to realize that they never asked the most critical question of themselves...."Now what?"

In this presentation, Diana works to help a female audience ask better questions on their own path.


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