About Diana V


Diana V (Venckunaite) was born into poverty in a small town in Lithuania at the brink of the USSR collapse. At the age of five, her passage out of the country was denied by the Lithuanian government. Only her mother was given a visa, and believing that there was a better life in America for them both, as well as her grandmother, left the country to pave a new way for the family. Diana’s mother was initially set to take six months before her return to bring them to America. Unfortunately, it would take over seven long years before Diana, and her mother would be reunited. For the entire time, they communicated only by letters and phone calls. For the next seven years, she and her seventy-one-year-old grandmother would live in that same scarceness, dodging the mafia, and avoiding death.


At the age of twelve, Diana finally arrived in the United States knowing only three words of English and carrying only the clothes on her back.

She decided to change her course by refusing to become a victim of her circumstances. By the age of fourteen, Diana mastered the English language as well as the culture on her own, without help from the government, or anyone around her. Not one to back down from a challenge, she then went on to graduate high school a full year early and completed a dual degree program offered by the University of Colorado in Boulder. She received both a BS in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology as well as a BS in Integrated Physiology.

After college, her passion for helping others took a new exciting turn, and she got hooked on teaching people about resilience, “Who must you become to be successful,” and her formula for mastering resilience. Pursuing a business career as a leader with a focus on building company cultures and making an impact, Diana became a trailblazer for coaching. She now works exclusively as a certified Life Coach and speaker bettering her clients.

Diana V is a female, millennial, immigrant, mom, wife, certified life coach, speaker, and entrepreneur who cares deeply about the development of each person she encounters.