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Welcome to the podcast for all people looking for a change, by life coach Diana V. Diana who has successfully coached people like you all over the world to success. She is now brining her knowledge to the mainstream. On the show, host Diana V answers your questions and helps all her listeners discover the "How of Happiness" as they set out to discover a better version of themselves.

Episode 10 - We have stacks and stacks of manuals for how people should behave. - Sounds confusing right? We have written many, many mental manuals for how people around us should behave so that we know that they love, support, and care about us. But just because we have written the other people’s guide for how to behave, it absolutely doesn’t mean that those people know about the manual or even know what is in it. Yet, we expect them to follow it and operate according to it. By the way, others also have a manual for you and your behavior. In this episode, Diana helps you manage it and take ownership!

Diana V Podcast - Episode 9 - You are not a victim! - Victimhood, a mindset where someone believes that they are under a constant attack by others and circumstances which continually influence their every-day life. In today's show Diana V works with you to stop the blame game and eradicate your mindset of victimhood and replace it with a mindset of strength with simple steps.

Episode 8 - SHAME - Shame is an emotion that is one of the biggest blocks to our success and it doesn’t travel alone. In addition, shame brings about anger, jealousy, rage, depression, and emptiness. In this episode, Life Coach and Speaker, Diana V teaches you some tools to stop the shame game with yourself and birth a new confident version of you!

Episode 7 - When you lie to yourself, it’s only you that gets hurt, let’s fix that. - In this episode, Diana V talks about the pain of lying to ourselves about all sorts of seemingly small things that add up over time and crush our sense of self-worth. She reveals several real-world examples from actual clients and discusses steps for you to get control of you.

Episode 6 - Comparison! How to stop comparing yourself to others - We have never lived in a time quite like this where we are constantly bombarded by false posts, photoshopped perfect images, and the lies of happiness of others. We compare ourselves to these narratives and then fall desperately into depression. But Diana explores how to jolt yourself out of this rut of comparison and move into a life of fulfilling true reflection and joy. 

Episode 5 - How to make better decisions throughout your day - We make 35,000 decisions a day, so why is it that the ones that make the most difference in our lives tend to be the hardest to make consistently. In this episode, Diana V will help you with two very specific reasons. She gives you tools to make better choices on the way to fulfilling your goals.

Episode 4 -How to discipline your negative inner self manager - We are often our hardest critic. Why is that? In this episode Diana V helps you learn how to identify the negative manager who rules your life. This terrible life leader lives inside you and drives all your self loathing, angst, and blocks you from true success. Enjoy these steps to give that manage some much needed discipline.

Episode 3 -Stop caring about what others think about you. - We can’t control other people’s opinion and its actually none of our business what they think about us, but these haters still do damage to our confidence because we allow it. In this episode, Diana V works to help you overcome these opinions and become more of your authentic self.

Episode 2 - Self Sabotage and how to change it - In this episode, Life Coach, Diana V. helps you discover the what, why and how of your own self sabotaging behaviors. Using real examples, Diana guides you to getting out of your pattern of destruction. Enjoy!

Episode 1 - Finding the invisible blocks in your life - In this first episode, Life Coach, Diana V. helps you discover blocks holding you back from achieving your goals. Could it be that the block of fear is actually about the future and not the past? Diana will discover this using real life examples from her actual clients. Enjoy! Listen now